Tampa Cornhole

All of our boards are regulation size 24″ x 48″ with the 6″ bag hole centered 9 inches from the top and 12 inches from each side, with folding legs, mitered corners, 3/4 inch ply and comes with 8 bags. All of our Boards are put together with plastic coated deck screws, so they will not rust as well as all four corners are screwed together for a sturdy frame. The Boards come sanded so they are ready for primer and paint. “NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” All of our Boards are made out of the Highest Quality Cabinet Grade “Birch Plywood” with a strong 2X4 frame and legs. The back measures 12″ off the ground and the front measures 4″ off the ground.

Premier Plain Boards $130 w/ bags . Both boards sanded and all holes bonded, ready for paint.






Standard Series Boards $175-$250 w/ bags 

We now carry “LOGO” Boards with bags $250. Some great product with automotive clear coat and quality craftsmanship!

Logo Boards

Boards covered with urethane clear coat designed for overall refinishing and provides excellent gloss, leveling and “WATER RESISTANT.”


Custom “THEMED” Wrap Boards $300 

If you can dream it we can do it. We have mastered this technique and can customize all of our cornhole boards. All of our Custom Boards are Clear Coated and include 8 bags.



Fireball Cornhole Boards

 Hungry Howies Cornhole Boards

Mini Boards $60-$100 and up Mini Boards are great for all ages. 1 foot by 2 foot with eight 4 inch bags. Perfect for indoor use and table top play. Half the board played at half the distance – 13 1/2 feet apart. Also great for tournaments at bars – like beer pong with bags. You pick the color we’ll do  the rest! Wrap designs and clear coat addition charges will apply.


Quarter Boards $25 each or $45 for a pair All players sit around a table, or similarly hard surface, and, in turn, try to bounce the quarter off the table onto the quarter cornhole board. If successful get the quarter in the hole, the player tells any other player to have a drink, as well as receiving another turn. If the player fails, play passes to the next in the circle. If the player is fortunate enough to make four quarter in a row, this player may make a rule. Anything goes. Some favorites are: “Can’t say drink, drank, or drunk.” “Can’t point with your fingers.” “No proper names.” “Have a drink before each attempted bounce.” etc. (be creative) If any rule is broken during the course of play, the violator subsequently “consumes some beverage.” (Optional) Played as normal cornhole



Triple Stitched Bags $30 set of 8

18 colors ALL Triple Stitched for your cornhole quality needs. ALL Bags come with a 30 day stitching warranty. Our standard bags are made of quality Duck Canvas material measuring 6″x 6″ and weighing between 15-16 ounces triple-stitched and filled with whole corn kernels.

Custom Team Bags AvailableALL Bags come with a 30 day stitching warranty. Custom Bags are made of quality Duck Canvas material with 100% cotton added to the outside of the bag measuring 6″x 6″ and weighing between 15-16 ounces triple-stitched and filled with whole corn kernels.

Pro Series 2 sided fast/slow bags (WATERPROOF) $60.00 per set of 8.

Our 2 sided waterproof bags are the best of the best. Filled with resin pellets that feel exactly like corn. 1 side duck cloth (fast) other side suede (slow) these bags improve your skill level of competition!

St. Petersburg Cornhole at it again.

St. Petersburg Cornhole at it again.


Rental Boards $30 Per Day or $50 for the weekend. Inlcudes 8 bags and a score card. Weekend rental, Friday delivery & Monday drop off. Out of area deliveries $10.00 plus .35 cents per mile fee.

Custom Painted Score Towers with Cup Holder

Score TowerHave your very own Custom Score Tower painted to match your favorite team colors. Each set is clear coated,  has 2 cup holders and works well on all playing surfaces. $40 or $25 for non painted. (Above score towers $40) PVC cup holders $40

*NEW* Generation Light Rings & Standard LED Light Rings

Fresh on the market, these light rings bring any party to life. Made from a machined plastic these light rings inset inside the hole for the perfect source of light while playing Cornhole. Cut a 7 inch hole then insert the light ring from under the board for the normal 6inch hole. The light is actually the 6 inch hole. Runs off of 2 D Battery’s for 200 hours. these by far are the best light rings on the market.  Comes in White, Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue and Aqua. $80 Per Set installed. Photo Collage Maker_130

Under Mount LED Lights $40

We now carry Under Mount LED Lights,  these will work with any set of Corn hole Boards. Easy to install and a great added touch for playing when it gets dark.  

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